Ketogenic Diet: Your 21 Days Ultimate Keto And Ketone Diet for Weight loss

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Ketogenic Diet: Your 21 Days Ultimate Keto And Ketone Diet for Weight loss Are you tired of trying different forms of diet for your weight loss program? Have you tried to shade off some pounds of weight and the only thing that you discovered is the addition of more pounds? Has guilt taken you by the throat on everything that you want to eat, fearing high carb content? In this wonderful Keto, Ketone and Ketogenic diet book we have provided solutions to all these problems. At least now you can burn fat without tears. Eat whatever you desire and get slim. Rapid weight Loss and Ketosis optimization are available in this Ketogenic Diet Book. The keys to your weight loss have been unlocked with this book as you follow the Ketogenic diet. All the Keto directions in this book are simple and easy for your Ketogenic Diet cooking. As you eat this meal plan, you will discover how rapidly you will lose weight. The benefits derivable from following this meal plan are enormous. I have written this book with both the Keto beginners in mind and the ketone veteran dieters. They will both find this book an indispensable tool. Benefits of Ketogenic Diet The Benefits you will derive from following this diet are: • Increase Mental focus • Power and agility • Smoothness of skin and Acne Reduction • Healthy-Lifestyle • Lesser appointment with the doctors • Rapid Weight loss without the use of pills • Look-Sweet Sixteen and younger • Enhance energy and stamina However, when you follow the diet in this book, the amazing things you will discover are: • Over 60 Recipes for your enjoyment • The type of Ketogenic you can adopt for your weight loss plan • Flexible exercise scheme for Ketone Diet • A simple to follow 21 days meal plan • How to achieve Ketosis without struggle • How to maintain Ketosis • How to know if you have entered ketosis and the measurement of ketosis. • All that you need to know as a beginner about Ketogenic Diet • Food to eat and food not to eat on a Ketogenic Diet • Important Ketogenic Diet mistakes to Avoid • A Comprehensive Ketogenic Diet shopping list for 21 days. • A bonus 2016 Keto Cake for your delight. All these are in this book for you. In fact, this Ketogenic diet, keto and ketone book contains all that you need to know for your ketone diet. Do not worry about counting calories, we have nicely done that for you. But if you desire to count your calories, we have also covered you in our book. If you buy this book, all the tears that beginners experience will not be your encounter. You will know between Precision Brand and Nova Max, which among them is the best device for measuring ketosis. Your solution to ketone, keto and Ketogenic meal plans lies in this book.

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