RSP QuadraLean Thermogenic Fat Burner - Cutting-Edge Weight Loss Supplement For Men & Women, Metabolism Booster with Yohimbe, Alpha GPC and Natural Caffeine for More Energy & Fat Loss, 60 Servings

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Manufacturer Description

What is it?

Quadralean Thermo is a powerful, thermogenic fat-burner designed to enhance metabolism, increase energy, improve focus, and expedite weight-loss.

What does it do?

Quadralean Thermo’s primary purpose is weight-loss – which it accomplishes through traditional weight-loss ingredients (CLA and Acetyl L-Carnitine) as well as thermogenic ingredients (Yohimbe Extract and Capsimax). However, Quadralean Thermo does much more than help you shed pounds: its energy blend makes it a perfect pre-workout; its focus blend gives you the extra motivation you need for success in your day; and its various weight-loss and thermogenic ingredients aid in optimizing metabolic function.

How does it work?

Quadralean Thermo makes use of several cutting-edge ingredients, namely:

CLA, which is a naturally occurring derivative of the essential fatty acid linoleic acid. It has been shown to assist in improving body composition by reducing body fat, improving lean muscle mass, and may also play a role in reducing high cholesterol.

Capsimax, which is a natural extract of cayenne pepper. It has been proven to activate mechanisms that support thermogenesis and fat oxidation, and often shown to support lean muscle maintenance and development.

Natural Caffeine, which enhances mental focus and energy. It also increases cognition and reaction time, while contributing to fat loss by helping release more fat cells and reduce fat storage.*

Alpha-GPC, which is a naturally occurring phospholipid that plays a critical role in neural and muscular functioning. It improves mood and reaction time while supporting the development of mind-muscle connection during a workout.

What sets Quadralean Thermo apart?

Quadralean Thermo isn’t just a powerful fat-burner – it’s an all-in-one solution perfect for any health or fitness goal. You can use Quadralean Thermo as a powerful pre-workout; you can take it post-workout for a midday pick-me-up; you can even use Quadralean Thermo while trying to build lean muscle. Regardless of your fitness ambitions, Quad Thermo will help you live inspired.

Product Features

BURN FAT & INCREASE METABOLISM* - QuadraLean Thermogenic was designed using only the best and most effective ingredients in the formulation. It addresses metabolic rate, provides clean energy and promotes laser like focus, all in one convenient product. TESTED & GMP CERTIFIED - All RSP Nutrition products are thoroughly tested for quality and consistency and manufactured in a GMP certified facility. SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN- Every ingredient in QuadraLean Thermogenic is supported by scientific literature for effectiveness. Powered by proven ingredients including CLA, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Alpha GPC, Yohimbe, Cayenne Pepper extract and Natural Caffeine, QuadraLean Thermo is the smart choice. 100% TRANSPARENCY - Every ingredient in QuadraLean Thermo is scientifically researched and the dosage is fully disclosed. Take the guessing game away and take control of your supplement stack and know exactly what you’re getting with each serving.

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