Paleo Diet for Beginners: A Dummies Guide To Weight Loss And Fitness Through Paleo Dieting Recipes (Paleo Diet, Weight Loss, Fitness, Paleo Dieting Recipes, Paleo Cookbook)

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This book has actionable information on how to follow the paleo diet to lose weight and get fit.
With the world’s population increasingly becoming obese and overweight, nutritionists and dietitians are constantly coming up with weight loss solutions to help the masses. Losing weight is challenging; that’s for a fact. Think about it; many are the times when people try following various weight loss programs only for them to be frustrated with the whole process because it is too demanding or requires impossible sacrifices. As if that’s not enough, it is not uncommon for many people to lose weight only for them to gain all the weight back right after being off these programs. This, you can agree with me, is frustrating.
The question is; so which option is best for losing weight without having to lose your sanity while making impossible life choices.
Well, your best bet is to just follow a program that makes the body to use its innate/inbuilt mechanism of being in a perfect state of balance. And what better way to do that than to opt for the diet that the body has evolved to digest and utilize effortlessly. Think about it; before the advent of agriculture, some 10,000 years or so ago, humans spend the earlier part of evolution relying on foods that they could get through hunting and gathering. Processing was non-existent and foods were eaten fresh and with little or no form of preservation. But interestingly, over these years, the body evolved to use whatever was readily available in nature. Humans were healthy, lean and live long during these times. But when agriculture, industrial revolution and later globalization started, the human body has seen massive amounts of ‘foreign’ substances being introduced through diet. Processing, genetic modification and all manner of modern scientific breakthroughs in agriculture and food production/supply only produce substances that the body cannot utilize fully. This perhaps explains why even with the tremendous amount of awareness, we still cannot live healthy; the modern man is plagued with all manner of diseases and is obese compared to the Paleolithic man who was lean, agile and healthy. It wasn’t uncommon for you to see people hitting over 100 years those days. Moreover, many of the chronic diseases that we have nowadays were unheard of in those years.
This essentially means that if we are to live healthy, lose weight and become lean, our best bet is to follow the eating patterns of the Paleolithic man. While you may not have to go to live in the wild to practice hunting and gathering, you can make various dietary changes guaranteed to provide your body with what it has innately evolved to digest and assimilate. All this covered in the paleo diet. And this book will show you exactly how to follow the paleo diet by learning what the diet is about, what you should eat, what you should avoid and delicious recipes that you can prepare to lose weight, build muscle and derive many other benefits.

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  • Easy To Follow Dieting Recipes And Guides
  • Essential Paleo Breakfast Recipes
  • Delicious Paleo Lunch Recipes
  • Must Have Paleo Dinner Recipes
  • Weight Loss Guide
  • What The Paleo Diet Is
  • What Foods To Avoid
  • Much, much more!
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