Low Carb: Low Carb Fast & Easy Recipes for Weight Loss: The Natural Way to Lose More Weight Faster and Feel Better (Low Carb Diet, Ketogenic Recipes, Keto Dieting)

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Do You Want to Know The Secret To Fast & Easy Low Carb Recipes?

This book is what you need to get you started TODAY!

What you will learn:

  • Low Carb Dieting
  • How You Stand To Gain By Following A Low Carb Diet
  • How To Get Started In A Low Carb Diet
  • What To Eat
  • What Not To Eat
  • Easy To Make Low Carb Recipes
  • Much, much

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This book has actionable information on how to follow a low carb diet along with some delicious recipes to help you get started.
For years now, the world has seen a rapid increase in the prevalence of various life threatening diseases that come as a result of weight gain. In 2015, the Global Burden of Disease Study revealed that the number of overweight people had doubled between 1980 and 2015.
As if that was not enough, On June 12, 2017, CNN reported that one third of the world’s population was carrying excess weight with U.S leading the way. They further reported that 2 billion adults and children worldwide are suffering from health problems that are directly linked to overweight.
Where have we gone wrong? What is this thing that brings about the lifestyle diseases that we are talking about? While the term ‘lifestyle’ may be somewhat amorphous, the truth is that we can break it down into 2 broad components namely: our diet and sedentary living.
Of these two, our diet is perhaps the single greatest contributor to many of the problems that we face today that continue putting us at risk of suffering from various diseases. More precisely, since the world started preaching the ‘fat is bad and carb is good’ gospel, the world has experienced an unparalleled increase in cases of obesity and related conditions. Could this be the reason for our problems? That’s right; low fat and high carb diets are the root of many of our problems today with the reason being that carb (with its many ‘modern’ varieties in the form of processed foods) makes us fat and an excess of it is the root of many of the health problems we face these days like diabetes, cancer, hypertension, high cholesterol levels, Alzheimer’s etc.
As you will find out, the most effective way of preventing and reversing these health problems is to follow a low carb diet and this book will show you exactly how to go about it. With a diet that is low in carbohydrates, paired with high or moderate fat and proteins (we will briefly talk about the best way to pair these macronutrients), you can be sure of an easy time when fighting such problems like obesity, diabetes and many others. This book will hold you by the hand throughout the journey to losing weight and fighting various other conditions effortlessly by following a low carb diet. That’s not all; you will discover some delicious low carb recipes that you can prepare as you go on with your journey to losing weight, keeping it off and staying healthy.

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