Ketogenic Diet for Beginners: 57 Delicious Low-carb Recipes for Every Day with Beautiful Photos of Each Recipe

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Many people want to lose weight. However, most of the diets oppress with their results. If you are tired of useless plans for diets, then try the Keto diet. Statistics say that more than a third of Americans face weight loss problems –almost with 1 out of 20 diabetics of type 2. Statistics all over the world is not less sad. It is very effective to use a Keto diet for normal weight loss or for type 2 diabetes.

In this guide, you will find 57 delicious recipes for every day:
  • 16 recipes for breakfast,
  • 15 recipes for suppers,
  • 15 recipes for dinners,
  • 11 recipes of low-carb snacks

For each dish, the cooking time, the level of difficulty and the number of portions are mentioned.

Also each recipe includes beautiful pictures of the final product!

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With Keto diet, you use your body's natural response to certain foods to get rid of unwanted fat and, overall, lose weight. Ketogenic diet has been proven as a healthy effective way to lose weight. It consists of low-carbohydrate foods with a high fat content and average protein content. This diet encourages the body to burn fat to get energy, instead of glucose.

The main advantage of keto diets is the rapid loss of fatty subcutaneous tissue. This is especially important for athletes, because using other diets, along with fat; you will lose part of the muscle mass. With the loss of muscle mass in the body, the level of metabolism slows down.

The diet is also suitable for people who do not sport. Keto diet does not make people starve. Reducing the amount of carbohydrates, we compensate it by proteins and fats. Of course, this does not mean that you can overeat fatty and protein foods. Caloric content must be kept within normal limits.

Another undoubted plus keto diet it full control of appetite. Many people who have been on diet know that the strongest appetite comes during a diet. Keto diet eliminates the appearance of hunger. With this diet the level of insulin in the blood is low, namely insulin is responsible for the appearance of a feeling of hunger. Fatty and protein foods in this diet allow a person not to have a strong appetite and at the same time, lose weight.

Often after the end of the diet, people complain that the weight returned very quickly. The fact is that most diets for the body are constant stress. When nutrients are low, metabolic processes slow down. When a lot - the body cannot cope with processing, and utilizes excess in fat reserves. Keto diet eliminates the appearance of such an effect, since a person does not starve.

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