BioCor Nutrition Thyro-T2 Thyroid Support Fat Burner Metabolism Booster and Weight Loss Pills (60 Capsules - 1 Month Supply)

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Manufacturer Description

You Will Burn Fat. It's That Simple! Are you tired of gimmicks and empty promises? It's time to try a fully government studied method of burning fat. Thyro-T2 is a synthetic thyroid hormone which may be even better than our own natural T3 for fat loss. T2 functions very similar to T3, but unlike T3 it does not burn muscle while it is burning fat. T2 also converts slow-twitch fibers to fast-twitch fibers, allowing "endurance" fibers to convert to "strength" fibers. This means it permanently makes your ability to get stronger while still burning fat increase! How Does T2 Work? The thyroid is a very important hormonal gland which plays an equally important part in your body's metabolism and growth. Natural thyroid hormones come in two forms: T4, the inactive stable prohormone and T3 the active short lived metabolite of T4. T3 and T4 are responsible for increasing your basal metabolic rate. When your body is not producing enough T3 and T4, your metabolism may slow and you may see your body adding on those extra pounds even though you may be "working your butt off" in the gym! The thyroid is the thermostat of the body, and regulates the speed of all metabolic processes in almost every cell in your body. It also helps regulate how the calories in the food you eat are used - either for energy, or stored as fat. Adding T2 gives you that bump that you may need to rev up your body's engine! T2, scientifically speaking, is 3,5-diiodo-l-thyronine and has had studies published by the NIH supporting claims of increased energy through optimizing oxidation and therefore energy expenditure.

Product Features

? BURN FAT & KEEP MUSCLE: Thyro-T2 is a fat burner which targets fat and does not burn muscle! The T2 thyroid hormone has been shown by the NIH to target brown adipose fat rather than burning muscle for energy expenditure. ? METABOLISM BOOSTER: NIH studies have shown that the T2 hormone increases base metabolic rate which will help your body burn calories by doing nothing extra. Of course, this is amplified when you exercise! As the hormone increases your metabolism, you'll find that losing weight becomes easier. ? INCREASE ENERGY: Optimize oxygen utilization when doing everyday tasks and when exercising. You won't "feel" any jitters when taking T2 but you should feel more alert! Stack Thyro-T2 with your favorite stimulant (coffee, stim-based supplements, etc.) for increased effect! ? THYROID SUPPORT: Your body converts T2 into the powerful T3 thyroid hormone! Let your body do the work. This is NOT meant as a replacement for thyroid medication for any medical condition such as hypothyroidism or Hashimoto's disease. It is meant as a fat burning weight loss pill and is a dietary supplement. ? NO SIDE EFFECTS: Taken as directed, there are no side effects and no risk of natural thyroid shutdown!

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